Quickly lift up to 150-lb trash cans with the push of a button.

Dump Commander
Doing the heavy lifting for you!


Inside the Numbers

2.1 billion tons of garbage dumped yearly on a global scale.

275 million tons of garbage dumped yearly in the US

92 million tons of garbage recycled yearly in the US

Roughly 33% of garbage collected in the US is recycled

On average, Americans dump approximately 7 lbs of garbage/per person on a daily basis!


Work Comp-lications

Work comp insurance totals more than $95 billion annually.

Work comp insurance covers over 94% of employees.

Over 3 million nonfatal workplace accidents occur yearly, averaging 3.5 injured workers out of every 100.

95% of these cases involved occupational injuries.

$7,300 is the average work comp claim amount in the food service industry!


In “Command”

Quickly lifts up to 150-pound round trash cans with the push of a button.

Removable, handheld pendant remote controller with an 8-foot chord.

Trashcan dolly with locking lift bar and cinch strap.

Standard 110V AC wall plug & 24V rechargeable battery.

Outdoor grade AC plug-in with weatherproof cover.

Compatible bin range for height and lip thickness.

Works with trash bins up to 82 inches high

Winner of 2016 Kitchen Innovations Award!